Nominating Committee


Nominating Committee



The Nominating Committee of The Fashion Group International of Houston, Inc. is a committee that meets at least once a quarter to discuss nominations of the Board of Directors for FGI Houston and FGF Houston for the following year.  The Nominating Committee collects nominations and develops the proxy of nominated Board of Directors that will be voted upon during the annual meeting of the members every December.  


Nominating Committee Chair: Gloria Pearson


Committee Members:



Nominating Committee Meetings:



If you have any questions about the nomination process for the Board of Directors for FGI Houston, please contact the Nominating Committee Chair, Gloria Pearson at




 Unfortunately, the nomination committee is not open to all members, but by invitation only.  We welcome you to become involvedIf you are interested in the growth of FGI Houston, and you would like to become involved with the Board of Directors, please contact tthe Regional Director at